The occultural stew is hot !
"As usual with this excellent Portuguese anthology, we find ourselves positioned in a gap between the old and the new on many levels. The occultural, post-industrial (as in the music/subculture, not as in general history), avant garde environment swings easily between play and philosophy, between genuine transformation and abstracted discourse, between pure experimentation and thorough thinking. Most of it is still fairly fresh, I have to say. If there’s some kind of code that unites these disparate voices, it’s an antithetical stance against the passive collective, expressed in eloquent experiments. Single voices spewing out disdain or frustration in honest, poetical and sometimes scary bursts."

By Carl Abrahamsson




We are proud to announce that our anthologies Antibothis will be available for public consultation in several Documenta Venues. Documenta (13 ) is an exibition of modern and contemporary art which takes place in Kassel, Germany.

Antibothis anthology volume 4 is already available and this time with  written contributions from Chad Hensley, Polly Superstar, Crimethinc, Z´ev, Trevor Brown, Raymon Salvatore Harmon, Ewen Chardronnet, Joe Coleman, Karl Buechner ( Earth Crisis lead singer ), Carl Abrahamsson, Júlio Mendes Rodrigo, V. Vale ( Re/ Search Pubs ), Robin Rimbaud ( Scanner ), Francisco Lopez, Mason Jones ( Charnel Music ), André Coelho ( Sektor 304 ), Joe Ambrose, Dj Balli, Adolf Marx.

The cd compilation is curated by Philipe-Petit from the innovative french record label Bip-hop and will include : 

Scanner & Sci-cut.db, Murcof, Bela Emerson reworked by Same Actor, Israel Martinez, PAS & If, Bwana, The Stargazer's Assistant,  Michel Banabila & Philippe Petit, Cindytalk, Xambuca,Kk Null, Mark Beazley, Machinefabriek.

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Antibothis Reviews:

"I've dipped into Antibothis and what I've read so far is brilliant. It really does cross over with so much that I'm into. Finding stuff about the master musicians of Joujouka, Nigel Ayers playing with dictionaries and Google, Chad Hensley's piece on necrophilia - it's all disturbingly good work". David Hine, british comic writer.

"We highly recommend you order ANTIBOTHIS", V. Vale, Re/Search Books. U.S.A.

"ANTIBOTHIS is a mighty fine journal!", Antero Alli.

"Antibothis offers 112 fat pages of food for thought, a veritable feast of heretical initiations and countercultural discourse, offering both options for personal spiritual development and alternatives to the alienated, atomised, deracinated and homogenised consumer culture of today, which sits poised on the brink of economic and ecological devastation. Mainstream culture is the problem – Antibothis is striving to be part of the solution". Simon Collins, Judaskiss, U.K.

"Beautiful Production" V.Vale, Re/Search Books, U.S.A.

"Great Work", Dedroidify,Belgium

"The next step after re/search and apocalypse culture".

"thèmes "borderline", proche d'une certaine contre-culture américaine qui s'incarnait dans les années 80/90 autour de personnages comme John Oswald (Plunderphonics). Entre littérature expérimentale, engagement politique et démarche artistique où le collage et le détournement ont une grande place". Musiques e Cultures Digitales, France

"Your work is reeeaaallly great" Okultura, Poland

"awesome! Truly magical". Center for Tactical Magic, U.S.A.

"great stuff,really one of the best publications,i.. ve ever read, an hybrid platform full of dynamism and a very psychic level emanation." Lashtal, Colombia

" Well recommended " Muhrmur

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